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About Us

Let all that you do be done in love.

1 Corinthians 16:14


Fiercely independent and sure of her vision, Thinne Almeda followed her love for art into the design industry. She first started manufacturing bespoke furniture for high-profile clients before expanding to home décor.


Lavish elegance. Bold patterns, exotic accents. Thinne Almeda is not shy of maximalism and has a fresh take on the classics. Her appreciation of visual display is inspired by how interior design is a setting of our lives – from mundane moments to special occasions. Every opulent banquet, every intimate encounter.


While her designs are inspired by her travels around the globe, she maintains loyalty to age-old Filipino craftsmanship. A variety of pieces are proudly designed and handmade in the Philippines.


What began as a one-woman team later transformed into full production and retail of luxury homeware. Her team evokes beauty in every designed piece, with refined aesthetics and meaningful inspirations from everyday lives.


Call (Showroom)

+63956 648 8379

+63 2 8661 0705 



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